The Village, The Village, The Earth, The Earth & The Suicide of The Astronaut

By M. Qadhafi

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Jews Not Zionists Jews Not Zionists

Delegates having their say ...

Free Samar and Jawad - read about this case and sign the petition
Southeast Asia news
Black interest news
┌Đ╚Ý FRA DEU ITA POR ESP ­ˇ˝ Chinese
People's Power

Green Charter International
Green Charter International

With the Leader
With the Leader


Hon.Min. Louis Farakhan, Nation of Islam1: Louis Farakhan: 1st Public Comments on September 11 - Atonement, Responsibility, Reconciliation (requires Real Media Player)

2: Castro and Khomeini Lead 1.2 Million in Largest March Against US Terrorism on July 26.

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"U.S. Air Force Come..." (a short mp3 music file)
Web Watch
World Watch
Destruction of the Trade Centers: Occult Symbolism Indicates Enemies Within Our Own Government The Beast of the Apocalypse: 666
B.E.A.S.T. Battle Engagement And Simulated Tracking


Mid-century deaths all linked to CIA? by H.P. Albarelli Jr. & John Kelly
Secret U.S. Germ Tests Threat To Treaty The Pentagon has secretly built a germ factory capable of producing enough deadly bacteria to kill millions of people. Israeli Spies: 'Mega Was Not
An Agent; Mega Was the Boss'
Why I Will Not Rally Around the President US Planned Attack on Afghanistan - Warned Pakistan Mid July of Mid October Attack

Shocked and Horrified - David Icke

U.S. Admits Secret Germ Research
CIA built factory in Nevada desert during Clinton years.
New World Order Charter for Global Democracy (Read: Dictatorship!) The CIA, Contras, Gangs and Crack
Declare War on the Shadow Government Putin Decries Eastward Growth Of NATO
Only a ''sick'' mind could believe Moscow poses an aggressive threat to European security.
LaRouche: Calm Down! The Enemy Is Right Here In the U.S.A. British Hawks - the UK involvement in the genocide in East Timor
The Truth Campaign
Welcome to the NOW Forming Police State
Economic Terrorism
by Michel Chossudovsky
Was the Seattle-Vancouver earthquake of 28 February 2001 triggered on purpose? Timothy McVeigh: Is it Conspiracy or Incompetence?
by Chuck Baldwin
Is Government Declaring War on Citizens?
By Ray Thomas.
The Justice System Is Criminal
by Paul Craig Roberts
The Strange Case of Mars Polar Lander by Richard C. Hoagland
A highly secretive arm of the US Intelligence community may have found the long lost Mars Polar Lander intact on the Martian Surface.
Oklahoma City Bombings - Split In FBI? by Sherman H. Skolnick
also: The Bush Connection
Rise of the humanoids
Walking, talking humanoid robots with social intelligence will be commonplace in the future, raising new challenges for humankind.
Russia Always Felt Itself A Eurasian Country - text of the speech by the President of the Russuan Federation Vladimir Putin before the forum of APEC countries in Brunei, Nov. 2000 with comments by Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin.


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