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The National Minimum Wage is set to increase in October 2001.

War on Want's new report on the international garment industry is called Sewing it Together

New ruling on parental leave.

HSE consultation on investigation of work-related accidents.

HSE conducts research into homeworking.

Trade Union wins holiday rights for workers on short term contracts.

News stories from other websites


"Working from home could be a basic right" Telework Association 17th October 2001
"Call to sign up to charter for childcare for all"

Daycare Trust

11th October 2001

"Student temps could miss out on equal rights"

TUC Online

9th October 2001

"Repression against trade unionists on the increase world wide"

International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

8th October 2001

"E-Working UK events will change your business"

 Telework Association

 3rd October 2001

"1.5 million low paid employees to get pay rise"

Department of Trade & Industry

 1st October 2001

"Alan Johnson announces changes to the working time regulations" 

Department of Trade & Industry

 28th September 2001

"T&G says the right to ask proposals must be a meaningful right"

T & G Online

27th September 2001

"Boost for low paid but young workers get short changed"

 TUC Online

 27th September 2001

"Government launches new drive to recruit lay members to employment appeal tribunal

Department of Trade & Industry

 12th September 2001

"British Gas joins AA telework programme"

 Telework Association

 11th September 2001

"Increase in discrimination cases"


9th September 2001

"Firms refuse check into their policy on women"

The Times 

27th August 2001

"Temporary workers could miss out on equal rights" TUC Online 14th August 2001
"New international campaign for workers rights"

Clean Clothes Campaign

 9th August 2001

"New arbitration scheme launched" ACAS 8th August 2001
"No brave new world for home teleworking" TUC Online 3rd August 2001
"Upper qualifying age limit in unfair dismissal & redundancy challenge fails" Work Place Law 1st August 2001
"Successful RSI cases are just the tip of the iceberg" TUC Online 31st July 2001
"Map out a safer job" Guardian Unlimited 29th July 2001
"Is home working on the rise?" BBC News Online 26th July 2001
"Part-time work case shows the barriers parents face" Work Place Law 24th July 2001
"More tribunal reforms" Work Place Law 24th July 2001
"HSE launches safety warning messages on Granada TV" Health & Safety Executive 23rd July 2001
"Ministers risk new union battle" BBC News Online 20th July 2001
"Research on incapacity benefits and work incentives" Department for Work and Pensions 19th July 2001
"Homeworkers hoodwinked, court told" Ananova 19th July 2001
"Commission urges greater corporate social responsibility in Europe" Directorate-General for Employment and Social Affairs 18th July 2001
"European Commission adopts strategy to promote core labour standards" Directorate-General for Trade 18th July 2001
"HSE issues health and safety guidance in six languages" Health & Safety Executive 17th July 2001
"Minimum wage could wither on the vine" Policy Brief 16th July 2001
"Benefit plans under fire from disabled protesters" Ananova 16th July 2001
"UK is still a man's world" BBC News Online 12th July 2001
"Industrial Society says flexible working reduces absenteeism" Ananova 10th July 2001
"Rehabilitation: the missing link in workplace safety and sickness absence" TUC Online 9th July 2001
"Law change call over Dynamex workers" BBC News Online 2nd July 2001
"Government to promote dispute resolution" Department of Trade & Industry 22nd June 2001
"Doing nothing about childcare is not an option, employers told" Daycare Trust 30th May 2001
"Cash help for working parents backfires for some"

National Association of Citizens' Advice Bureaux

 27th February 2001

"Everything under a fiver: Recruitment and retention in lower paying labour markets" Policy Brief 29th January 2001




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