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What is Creative Exchange?

The rights to culture include the possibility for each [person] to obtain the means of developing [their] personality through [their] direct participation in the creation of human values, and of becoming in this way responsible for [their] situation, whether local or on a world scale.
Cultural Rights and Human Rights, UNESCO, 1968

An international partnership learning resource involving people and organisations working with arts and culture to achieve sustainable social change. Creative Exchange is a new international alliance for culture and development. It was launched in May 1997. It is a UK-based, international NGO serving people working with Culture and Development. It is a registered charity in the UK, with the objective of promoting public education in the arts and culture for the relief of need. We are bringing people together who use culture and creativity in development, empowerment and many different agendas for change - from governance and democracy to environmental awareness and human rights.

Our vision is:

We believe that arts and culture play a significant role in improving quality of life of poor and disadvantaged people and in achieving sustainable human development.

Our mission is:

We aim to help poor and disadvantaged people reach their full potential by promoting use of arts and cultures for community and personal development.

Creative and cultural activity is increasingly seen as a catalyst for individual empowerment and participation in community development, not only in developing countries but urban and rural communities in industrialised nations as well. Television, film, radio and video, drama, music, dance, puppetry, visual arts and crafts, photography, publishing, creative writing and storytelling are already used in a wide range of development programmes: health and hazard awareness, human rights, environment, governance, social inclusion, development education, development communications, skills training, structural development, conflict resolution and post-emergency situations.

Creative Exchange aims to provide practical support to this field.

It serves as:

We have around 120 partners in more than 20 countries, including: Action Aid, The British Council, UNICEF, Tear Fund, Comic Relief, Save the Children Fund, Ugandan Association for Social and Economic Progress, Jananeethi, Asian Regional Resource Centre for Human Rights, Centre for Arts in Development Communications, Forum for Culture and Human Development, BBC radio producers and leading Theatre for Development specialists (contact details appear in our Worldwide Partners Directory).

For more information contact Helen Gould: Creative Exchange Coordinator


Our Core Values

Culture is not merely an accumulation of works and knowledge which an Ślite not limited to access to works of art and the humanities, but is at one and the same time, the acquisition of knowledge, the demand for a way of life and the need to communicate.

Nairobi Recommendation on Participation by the People at Large in Cultural Life and Their Contribution to it, UNESCO, 1976.

We are building partnerships between organisations and individuals who are committed to our five core values (see below). These are the principles which underlie the operation of the forum We have sought and won overwhelming support for our core values from delegates at our first Round Table in 1997.

We are committed to:


Information Services

Creative Exchange offers a range of INFORMATION SERVICES for both our Parnters and the general public. Our main information ourputs are a quarterly newsletter and the Electronic Forum.

Creative Exchange Newsletter

Creative Exchange Newsletter was launched in 1999. It is a digest of new partners, activities and forthcoming projects/events. Past copies are available in Publications. The newsletter is sent quarterly to partners.

Creative Exchange Electronic Forum

We launched Creative Exchange Electronic Forum in 1997 with the support of the Baring Foundation, as an Internet conference to promote the exchange of news, views, research and working methods between partners and contacts. The Electronic Forum operates as an Email mailing list currently serving more than 700 partners and contact organisations, but with an estimated readership of at least 1,000 contacts through secondary transmissions.

You can suscribe to this service on a read-only basis even if you are not a partner. If you wish to subscribe to this service please E-mail with the word subscribe in the Subject of your email message. Or you can subscribe online by going to the list general information page, where you can also view the Archive of previous postings.

The Electronic Forum is a cost-effective way of disseminating our information internationally. However, we recognise that the pace of technological development around the world is uneven. Our information is also available to people without Internet access. We post a digest of copies of our Email Bulletins to partners on request. We are working to ensure that those who do not have access to the Internet can stay in touch through local information sharing.

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For further information contact:
Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre - Information Development Worker


Becoming a Creative Exchange partner

We are keen to welcome new partners who are working in or studying this field, or those who wish to support our mission. You will be invited to participate in our activities and kept up-to-date with new developments.

There are three levels of partnership - individuals, organisations and founders. For each level of partnership there is a minimum fee. However we are keen to encourage participation regardless of income. If you cannot contribute the minimum fee, you can contribute whatever you feel is appropriate. In special circumstances we are prepared to consider reciprocal partnerships.

Partnership Fees

Individual UK Sterling £15

Organisation UK Sterling £100

Founder UK Sterling £1,000

To request an enrolment form by mail or email, please email our Information Services or you can write to The Coordinator, Creative Exchange, 18 Percy Road, London E11 1AJ, UK.

* Payment methods: If you are overseas please arrange one of the following methods of payment:

- send a foreign draft drawn in UK Sterling or US$ - ask your bank (you will incur a charge for this)
- an automated credit - ask for our bank details (you will incur a charge for this)
- a cheque for your bank in your local currency (Creative Exchange will incur a charge for this)
- travellers cheque made payable to Creative Exchange (Creative Exchange will incur a charge for this)


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